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Video Production Tips to Drive Views

Rana Tarakji

What does it take to create a video that is worth watching?

The answer lies in effective video production. Below are a few tips that will help you plan accordingly:

·      Proper planning is key

The best video content that you can present to your target audience is a well-planned one. And aside from double-checking if a duplicate or an existing similar content is being played by your competitors, there are other things you should be prepared for as you produce videos.

As one of the most crucial steps to video production, roughly 60 percent of your time should be spent on this pre-production phase. Given this, you would need to:

1.    Brainstorm and visualize your ideas.

This includes identifying your reason for making this video content in the first place, figuring out your overall content strategy, and choosing the message for your video concept. Take this time to carefully lay down your plans and conceptualize before actually diving in and getting the cameras rolling.

2.    Assess your budget.

Know how much money can be allocated to avoid unwanted spending constraints. If possible, list down your projected expenses and compare it side by side with your actual budget.

3.    Create your script and shot list.

Start off by writing elaborate talking points about your video. Turn them into character dialogues and voice-over lines that will be delivered during the video production. Note that if you are trying to rank for keywords (as in the case if you want to increase YouTube traffic and views), you can also incorporate these keywords in your planned script.

After this, make that shot list to serve as your guide all throughout the filming process. A good template includes the following elements:

  • Scene and shot number
  • Description of the shot
  • Framing
  • Location
  • Action
  • Dialogue
  • Characters and props needed

4.    Design your storyboard.

Make your script come to life through a carefully detailed illustration of its visual elements. Here, every shot or scene in the video is drawn on each storyboard box, while the corresponding lines and audio to be delivered and played are written in detail below it.  

5.    Anticipate possible concerns and avoid commonly-committed mistakes.

Location and weather are examples of some aspects of video production that may present challenges along the way. As such, be prepared to scout the location beforehand and have a backup plan in case you experience over-exposure and sound quality problems due to irregular weather conditions.

·      Use the right equipment

  • Things such as a solid tripod for stable shots and high-quality lapel microphones for clear audio quality should be at the top of your list to give your users the best experience.
  • Lighting setups are also particularly helpful if you want to eliminate shadows and create better shooting angles.

In conclusion, good and post-worthy video content takes considerable time and effort. So, if you want you to drive more views to your site or channel, the key is to improve the steps in your video production.

Start by creating a solid plan that places a high value on originality and script-quality. Next, check out what needs improvement and reinforcement when it comes to your chosen location. The more prepared you are during video production, the better the outcome. Concept and casting are also important. As such, you need to make sure your concept is aligned with your brand’s niche and your cast is appealing to your target market. Finally, invest in the right equipment.

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