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El huracán Michael causa cierta destrucción en el oeste de CubaFotos: el huracán Michael afecta a la provincia cubana de Pinar del Río

El huracán Michael causa cierta destrucción en el oeste de CubaFotos: el huracán Michael afecta a la provincia cubana de Pinar del Río

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Physicians announce clinical findings of ‘sonic’ attacks at US embassy in Cuba

MIAMI – Physicians from the University of Miami have released the clinical findings from the first report of Cuba’s mysterious “sonic” attacks. Doctors from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine held a news conference Wednesday morning to discuss their report on…

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State Department releases 30-page report on Cuba’s human rights record

HAVANA – Cuba is an “authoritarian state” where “neither the [recent] legislative nor the national elections were considered to be free or fair,” said the United States Department of State Human Rights report released Wednesday.  The 2018 report, issued by the State Department…

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Russia sends locomotives to Cuba

HAVANA – Seven locomotives and the first experimental light rail prototype arrived Thursday at Havana’s port from Russia.  The shipment is part of a contract with the Russian government in order for Cuba to modernize its rail system.  This latest…

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Travelers face hurdles flying to South Florida from Cuba, Venezuela

MIAMI – The strained relations between the United States and Cuba and the crisis in Venezuela are prompting changes in requirements and flights that are causing some frequent travelers to have to jump through hoops to shop in South Florida.  For Cubans,…

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Cuban president replaces scrutinized transportation minister

HAVANA – Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel replaced two ministers, perhaps signaling his willingness to reassign top-level cabinet members.  Diaz-Canel named Meisi Bolaños Weiss as minister of finances and pricing and Eduardo Rodriguez Davila as minister of transportation.  Rodriguez Davila, 52, is…

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7 dead, more than 30 injured in Guantanamo bus crash

GUANTANAMO, Cuba – Seven people were killed and 33 were injured after the driver of a bus lost control on a wet and windy road in Cuba, Cuban media reported Friday.  The crash happened Thursday afternoon at Kilometer 25 along…

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Men claiming to be federal agents at Versailles beat up detective, police say

MIAMI – Two men claiming to be federal agents beat up a Miami Police Department detective Friday at Versailles Restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana, authorities said Monday. The detective was questioning the two suspects, Ismael Diaz and Alberto Nuñez-Horta, after they claimed they…

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El debate sobre los derechos LGBTQ de los cubanos continúa antes del referéndum

MIAMI – Si bien la actividad sexual entre personas del mismo sexo sigue siendo un delito en siete países del Caribe, Cuba se está acercando a la legalización del matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo. Jamaica, Antigua y Barbuda, Barbados,…

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Confiscated property issue could further deteriorate U.S.-Cuba relations

WASHINGTON – The White House may be looking at finally allowing Americans to sue foreign companies over confiscated property in Cuba.  For the first time since its inception, the Trump administration has decided to suspend Title III of the 1996 Helms-Burton Act…

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