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South Florida Web Firm May Have Facilitated Russian Hacking, Court Records Reveal

For months, one of the most explosive court cases in the world has been playing out in Miami’s federal courthouse. Aleksej Gubarev, a tech entrepreneur from Cyprus, sued BuzzFeed News for defamation after the news outlet published the infamous “Steele…

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‘Run it back Turbo.’ Bridgewater announces that he’s staying in New Orleans

Will the next Dolphins quarterback please stand up? It won’t be Tyrod Taylor. And it won’t be Teddy Bridgewater. A day after the Dolphins made their pitch to Bridgewater in Davie, he was back in New Orleans, signing a new…

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Fresh evidence of the Dolphins’ keen interest in Kyler Murray

Here’s your daily Kyler Murray update, and it’s a doozy: Gil Brandt — the Hall of Fame inductee, NFL.com senior analyst, SiriusXM NFL radio host and draft-prospect sherpa — dropped this tantalizing nugget on Twitter Thursday: “While a good portion…

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Marlins catcher set to resume baseball activities. Can he be ready for Opening Day?

With Opening Day fast approaching, time is running out for Miami Marlins catcher Jorge Alfaro to get game ready as he recovers from right-knee inflammation. There is good news: Alfaro was cleared by the team’s medical staff to resume baseball…

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Woman in Viral Miami-Dade Police Arrest Video Speaks Out

Dyma Loving and her friend Adrianna Green had just left home in South Miami-Dade when a neighbor began shouting insults at them. Loving, who is 26 years old, and Green, age 22, said they planned to run errands when Green’s 50-year-old…

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Tannehill, we sort of get. But why is Robert Quinn still on the Dolphins’ roster?

Ryan Tannehill and Robert Quinn seemed to be the Dolphins’ two biggest no-brainer cuts as free agency began. Neither lived up to their big contracts in 2018, and both carried huge cap numbers in 2019 ($26.6 million for Tannehill, $12.9…

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The Office Cake Will Deliver a Colada Cake Anywhere in Miami

Sara Paz-Claro and Eddy Claro took a ride on the fast track at a young age. Before Sara was even 17, the high-school sweethearts began earning money for college by working events and weddings referred by Sara’s mother, cake queen Ana…

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New South of Fifth Lounge Sophie’s Brings Downtown Cool Back to the Beach

South Beach is having another nightlife renaissance, and this time, it’s understated over garish and excessive, inclusive over pretentious, and laid-back but with an undeniable edge. Perhaps no venue better embodies the world-famous party mecca’s breezy new attitude than Sophie’s,…

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Miami-Dade Police Ask for $6.5 Million for New Tasers in No-Bid Contract

Tasers have been promoted to police departments in recent years as a safe way to de-escalate dangerous situations. Yet the devices can be lethal — a 2017 Reuters investigation turned up 1,081 cases in which someone died after being shocked….

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Despite Talk of Human Rights, Rubio and Scott Vote to Prolong America’s Hideous War in Yemen

According to Human Rights Watch, the Saudi attack on Yemen has sparked the single worst humanitarian crisis in the world right now. Children are starving to death, cities lie in ruins, and a cholera outbreak is ravaging the poverty-stricken nation….

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