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Trump Puts Florida Manatees and Sea Turtles on “Fast Track to Extinction,” Report Says

Since its passage in 1973, the Endangered Species Act has had a real effect. The American alligator, now Florida’s state reptile, is one success story. After they were listed, the creatures made such an impressive comeback that they were removed…

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Miami New Year’s Eve Party 2019 Guide

It’s time to wrap up 2018. How will you celebrate the end of the year that brought us Kanye West rapping, “Poopity scoop“? It won’t be an easy choice, because few cities can match Miami’s New Year’s Eve prowess. Great…

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Kyu Is One of America’s Best Restaurants, According to OpenTable

Just in time for the new year, Kyu, the Wynwood restaurant known for its Asian and American barbecue techniques, earned a coveted spot on OpenTable’s 100 Best Restaurants in America 2018 list, which rounds up the most beloved dining spots from…

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The Best New Year’s Eve 2019 Activities for Families in South Florida

As a parent still in charge of younger kids, you may feel metaphorically smothered by your children on holidays dedicated to partying — much like you are literally smothered by them during snuggle sessions and eternal-seeming horseplay. These small, screeching…

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