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Another ICE-Detention Lawsuit Against Miami-Dade Moves Forward

With every day that passes, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s 2017 order to hold federal immigration detainees in his county’s jails seems like an even worse move. The Trump administration has offered Miami-Dade virtually nothing in financial incentives after the mayor…

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Stop Inner-City High-School Football Programs From “Cannabilizing” Each Other

For the past seven years, Miami Carol City, Miami Central, Miami Norland, and Miami Northwestern High School football programs have been taking each other out to clear a path to the District 6A state championship. Central began this remarkable run…

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Here’s where Tannehill has wider disparity than any AFC QB and why that’s worrisome

We’ve all seen the progress from Ryan Tannehill, who’s 13-8 under Adam Gase, sixth in the NFL in passer rating this season and thrown eight touchdowns with just one interception since returning from his shoulder injury. Tannehill, incredibly, has the…

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Is Minkah Fitzpatrick a cornerback or safety? For Adam Gase, the answer isn’t so simple

Minkah Fitzpatrick has rarely had the chance to call a position his own. Even back to his high school days, the defensive back was bouncing all over the secondary. Fitzpatrick began as a cornerback at St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey…

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Of course the Dolphins offense has no identity, it has had multiple identities

The Miami Dolphins started this season as an outside zone running team because that’s what Kenyan Drake does well and that’s what Jay Ajayi loved to run before him. But Frank Gore isn’t too fond of outside zone run plays,…

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New father Whiteside brings gift in return to Heat — himself

Hassan Whiteside didn’t trumpet the birth of his first child by bestowing gifts on his teammates when he rejoined the Heat after a four-game absence. No cigars. No Whitman’s Samplers. No bling. Premium content for only $0.99 For the most…

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“Doubtful with wiggle room”, Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase says about injured cornerback Xavien Howard

“Doubtful with wiggle room”, Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase says about injured cornerback Xavien Howard By December 14, 2018 01:18 PM “Doubtful with wiggle room”, Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase says about injured cornerback Xavien Howard

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The Miami Dolphins are leaving open the chance Xavien Howard might play Sunday

Two days before the Miami Dolphins take on the Minnesota Vikings, the team still wasn’t ready to totally rule out Xavien Howard. The Dolphins are listing their No. 1 cornerback as “doubtful” for Sunday against the Vikings as he recovers…

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Here’s the position where Dolphins could have considerable turnover and where things stand

Slowly, some Dolphins offseason decisions are coming into focus. It’s clear that Miami cannot afford, from a cap flexibility standpoint, to keep DeVante Parker at the $9.4 million he’s owed (nonguaranteed) for 2019. It’s becoming increasingly clear that there’s no…

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A rare public challenge for Tannehill as Dolphins try to solve this season-long riddle

There’s a long list of reasons the Dolphins are the league’s most improbable playoff contender, but their failures on third downs are second to none. The Dolphins are so dreadful in that category that when a reporter broached the topic…

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