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The Miami Marlins new uniforms could be on display Saturday in Arizona. This is why

It won’t be a case of “wait ‘til next year” when it comes to putting the Marlins’ new uniforms to their first on-field test. Some of the team’s top minor-league prospects are expected to be wearing the new threads Saturday…

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Here’s how the Dolphins can create flexibility to dramatically reshape their roster

For all of the personnel moves they’ve grown to regret, the Dolphins could easily clear out $76 million in cap space this offseason if they choose to significantly reshape their roster, with an ability to create even more than that….

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Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company Celebrates Miami’s Weirdest Holiday

This Saturday, November 17, Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company will celebrate Weirdtoberfest, a made-up holiday described by John Falco, owner of Lincoln’s Beard, as “a mix of Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, and all things weird.” The event has some interesting traditions, according to Falco….

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Marlins unveil new logo and colors

Marlins unveil new logo and colors

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Here’s Where to Get Your 2018 Thanksgiving Pie

Thanksgiving dinner is famous for turkey, but we’re really in it for the pie. In fact, some people actually forgo the rest of the meal and skip to the delicious dessert. Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves pumpkin pie or…

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Andrew Friedman Pulls the Curtain Back on the American Chef Revolution

The setting is a Los Angeles nightclub, where chef Wolfgang Puck is slow dancing with a woman he just met. The young Austrian immigrant tells her that cooking is what he does for a living, and the minute the tune…

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Here’s a List of South Florida Wells Fargo Locations That Keep Getting Sued for Racism

That seems like the sort of action that would completely cripple your business, but, since Wells Fargo is a gigantic bank, the company has kept rolling along. And, in South Florida, “rolling along” apparently includes “calling the cops on black…

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Elton John Is the Last of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Piano Men

It wasn’t always guaranteed that the guitar would be the instrument associated with rock ‘n’ roll. At the birth of the rock era, piano men such as Little Richard and Ray Charles were making hips shake and hearts ache by…

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Eyes on Miami: Travis Scott, Tiesto, Anitta and Others

It’s not easy having eyes all over the scene, being around to take in all the wild visuals at all the worthwhile places in the city. There are, however, those parties and gallery openings where a fortunate photographer can point…

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Nautilus South Beach Launches All-You-Can Eat and Drink Weekend Brunch

With indulgent spreads, live music, and free-flowing drinks, South Beach is a favorite place to brunch in Miami. Now, the Nautilus hotel is behind two new weekend experiences even the most dedicated South Beach brunch-goer probably hasn’t tried yet: the…

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