Padma Lakshmi Parties at R House Drag Brunch

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Though wearing a simple blue maxi dress sans spangles and glitter, Padma Lakshmi shone as bright as the ladies of R House’s drag brunch this past weekend.

Lakshmi visited the popular Wynwood restaurant for a girls’ day out with makeup artist Teresa Morgan and friends, according to restaurant partner, Rocco Carulli. “Padma and her party came to the 11:30 show on Sunday and they loved it.”  Carulli said that the Top Chef host was invited by the brunch’s DJ Mo Jody after seeing him spin at the Faena.

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The party ordered steak and eggs sans steak, chicken and biscuits, and prosecco as they enjoyed performances by R Houses’s talented performers. Lakshmi was particularly enthralled with Angie McNasty and requested an encore by the diva.

McNasty complied, according to Carulli, and upped the ante by inviting the celebrity host up on stage for a chair dance set to Kathy Brown’s “Turn Me Out.” According to Carulli, “I didn’t think she knew what she was in for, but she was a good sport about it.”

R House's Owen Bale (left) and Rocco Carulli (right) pose with Padma Lakshmi

R House’s Owen Bale (left) and Rocco Carulli (right) pose with Padma Lakshmi

Courtesy R House

When asked if Carulli overheard any Top Chef dish, Carulli said he did not, however, he did share that Lakshmi appeared to have loved the show. “After the show, she took selfies with every one of the performers.”

Though Carulli didn’t hear any intel about Top Chef, he did add that Bravo’s Andy Cohen has also been seen in Miami. Since Lakshmi and Cohen are both executive producers on the award-winning culinary competition series, could they be shopping locations for upcoming shoots or possibly an entirely new Miami-based series? Only time will tell.

R House. 2727 NW Second Ave., Miami; 305-576-0201; rhousewynwood.com.

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