Unclear what Grier, Ross are thinking, but we know who players want as Dolphins coach

by / 0 Comments / 2 View / January 3, 2019

Darren Rizzi, next Dolphins coach?

If those who have played for him have a vote, he would win the job in a landslide.

The Dolphins are expected to begin interviewing candidates for their coaching vacancy Thursday, and at some point, Rizzi will get to make his case.

Of course, Chris Grier and Stephen Ross know him well. He has been on the Dolphins’ coaching staff since 2010, surviving four coaching changes before this one.

There’s a reason executives, and not players, pick head coaches. Loyalties can sometimes supersede prudence.

But it must say something about the job Rizzi has done here that several current and former Dolphins players are openly lobbying for him to get the top job.

See for yourself:

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