Kenny Stills Stole a Game-Winning Touchdown From A Defender To Save The Dolphins Season

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There wasn’t much to talk leading up to Sunday’s Dolphins-Buffalo Bills game. It was was just the latest installment of yet another sleepy December match-up between two listless teams perpetually fighting to see who can finish runner-up to the New England Patriots in the AFC East. Nobody outside Buffalo and a couple of Hialeah Flanigan’s cared much about the 1 p.m. kickoff at Hard Rock Stadium.

The biggest storyline throughout the week seemed followed receiver Kenny Stills’ response to a question he isn’t the target for more passes.  “I can’t throw the ball to myself,” he said. The comments raised some eyebrows because they came from the usually team-first Stills. But they weren’t all that surprising given that fans and teammates have shared his frustration with the lack of opportunities. Stills was clear that he wanted to make some plays, but neither his quarterback nor head coach were helping out.

So on Sunday Stills took matters into his own hands. Literally. He grabbed a fourth-quarter Tannehill pass that was destined for interception and scored the game-winning touchdown in the Dolphins 21-17 season-CPR-giving win over Buffalo. Stills stole a football, thus stealing Dolphins fans one more week of not caring about mock draft boards or draft positioning.

Sure, Stills may not be able to throw himself the ball. But he certainly is more than capable of stealing passes from others. There aren’t any rules about it.

Stills’ 13-yard miracle grab saved the Dolphins season, if only for a week. Somehow, some way, everyone in the AFC continues to back-door the Dolphins into playoff contention with their own losses. The Dolphins win coupled with the Indianapolis Colts loss to the Jaguars left the Miami boys tied for seventh place in the AFC playoff hunt, just one slot out of the final spot.

Sitting at an even 6-6 now, all the Dolphins have to do is win some games. Let’s take a look at the schedule and — Oh no, they play the Patriots next week! — Whelp. That’s sort of how this goes, isn’t it?

At least Kenny Stills made the Patriots trip to Hard Rock Stadium a little bit more interesting, though. Thanks for stealing that football, Kenny. 

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