The Dolphins’ Branch calls out officials over missed hold: ‘How do you miss that call?’

by / 0 Comments / 3 View / November 28, 2018

Andrew Luck’s game-winning throw to Chester Rogers should never have counted.

That’s the belief inside the Dolphins locker room, and there’s video backing them up.

Colts left tackle Anthony Castonzo held Andre Branch on Sunday in perhaps the most obvious and egregious way possible, yet the officials did not throw a flag. Instead, Luck was able to escape the pocket on third-and-long and find Rogers 34 yards downfield, setting up Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning field goal.

“That one hurt,” Branch said. “That one hurt. When you see it on film, it’s like, ‘How do you miss that call?’ At the end of the day, it’s a bang-bang play. It’s a huge play for both sides. They didn’t call it, so we’ve just got to go with what they call.”

Branch said he jumped, and then got pulled back by Castonzo. And he clearly got his jersey pulled, which is usually enough to draw a flag.

Branch told the officials that “I’ve been getting undressed all year,” but he knew he was essentially wasting his breath. Holding penalties are subjective and not reviewable.

Branch, who has 16 tackles and one sack in 2018, said that missed holding calls are “the story of my life,” and believes he might have to turn to theatrics to get a call.

“I saw J.J. Watt fall over, so I’m going to start doing that,” Branch said. “And then they might start fining for flopping, but I’m going to start flopping.”

Asked later by a reporter if he was serious, Branch responded:

“It’s time,” Branch said. “It’s time for me. I’m going to pull out a Vlade Divac. I’m going to pull it out. It’s tough man. You just go out there and do your job. If we do a certain thing, then they’re going to call it. I think we’ve got more defensive holdings than we have offensive holdings on us. It’s tough, but just go out there, do your job and do what’s asked of you.”

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