What does Stephen Ross think about the Dolphins’ season? We got a hint Monday

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Unless there’s a drastic reversal in fortune the last month of the Dolphins’ season, Stephen Ross will go a 10th consecutive season as team owner without a playoff win.

So given Ross’ enormous investment into the franchise and his age (78), you could forgive him for getting impatient with mediocrity.

The Dolphins are 5-5 and haven’t won back-to-back games in two months.

While they are tied for the AFC’s sixth and final playoff spot, the Dolphins have just a 13 percent chance of reaching the postseason, according to FiveThirtyEight.

And yet, based on his head coach’s account Monday, Ross does not seem to be inclined to blow things up.

“He’s been great with really every time I see him after a game, I talk to him during the week,” Gase said. “‘Just keep grinding. Don’t think too much about injuries.’ He looks at that and we’ve lost some good players. That’s something that is always unfortunate.

“Because he can see those big plays when they were occurring with Albert [Wilson], and what we get from Jakeem [Grant], and we were hitting some deeper throws with Ryan [Tannehill] in there. He sees all that stuff. And then when those guys aren’t there anymore, he understands that we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do to be able to move the ball and win the game.”

Wilson and Grant are both done for the season, the Dolphins have five offensive starters on injured reserve. And Tannehill has not played since early October with a shoulder injury.

Those extenuating circumstances might be enough for Ross to give the current nucleus — Gase, Mike Tannebaum and Chris Grier — another season to get this thing straightened out.

But something to consider if the Dolphins collapsed down the stretch: They have lost 10 games in two of Tannenbaum’s three seasons running the show. A third in four years could change Ross’ temperament.

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