Podcast: This cold-weather football legacy could be the Dolphins’ Iceman in Green Bay

by / 0 Comments / 7 View / November 9, 2018

Hey Green Bay Packers:

You think cold is your ally? You merely adopted the cold.

Mike Hull was born in it, molded by it.

OK, we apologize to Bane for that terrible attempt at humor, but the broader point remains:

When temperatures dip into the 20s Sunday, Hull will just be getting warmed up.

The Dolphins’ fourth-year linebacker was born in Western Pennsylvania. Played in the Big Ten.

And survived the Dolphins’ below-zero playoff game in 2016.

You think a few flurries are going scare him?

Hull dishes out tips on staying warm in Lambeau, his football family and the economics of how to build wealth and stability as a bottom-of-roster NFL player.

All that and more in our latest Dolphins in Depth podcast.

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