We know now exactly what is wrong with Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill’s shoulder

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A mystery that birthed a thousand Twitter doctors was solved Friday:

Ryan Tannehill suffered a capsule injury to his throwing shoulder during a jarring hit by Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap in Week 5.

The injury has caused Tannehill great discomfort and has sidelined him for a month. He has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Jets, and his availability for the following week is very much in doubt.

Doctors have determined that rest, not surgery, is the best course of action, and while Tannehill has thrown a football in recent days, he has not during practice when members of the media have been present.

So what is a capsule injury? Here’s a definition from Integrated Rehabilitation Services:

“In the world of anatomy, the word capsule is defined as a tough sheath or membrane that encloses something in the body. In the treatment of athletic injuries, the shoulder’s capsule or covering can directly or indirectly be the cause of shoulder pain. When capsular tissue is pinched, it can cause pain, when it is loose it can create instability, and when it is tight it can place greater stress on the rotator cuff tendons. Since the capsule is involved in most chronic and acute shoulder injuries, your personalized physical therapy treatment should include techniques that address the limitations of the capsule and the strength of the surrounding muscles.”

Signs of a shoulder capsule injury are shoulder pain that lasts more than two hours after activity. That seems to fit the bill with Tannehill, who practiced fully twice after getting hurt, only to see his strength deteriorate as the week went on.

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