Kenny Stills keeps crashing into random people after touchdowns. Here’s his easy fix.

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Once is a fluke, and twice might be a coincidence.

But if Kenny Stills gets hurt a third time crashing into someone in the cramped space behind the end zones at Hard Rock Stadium, it will most definitely be a trend.

Stills spoke to reporters Thursday for the first time since slamming into a female security guard after scoring a touchdown against the Lions in Week 7, hurting his shoulder. The woman had her back to the field and Stills blasted her from the blindside.

The collision came a month after he barreled into a photographer on another touchdown catch in the same end zone.

And yet, he does not believe that the organization’s decision to putting seats (and a wall) just a few strides from the field of play is the problem.

“There’s potential to have some better awareness on that side. If the people on that side know that we’re in the red zone or there’s potential of us scoring, just have a little bit of awareness that we might be potentially running into them,” Stills said Thursday. “I felt awful for what happened in the last game. I tried to reach out and find the lady’s name and send flowers, and I think she wanted her privacy. It’s frustrating that stuff like that happens, but you want to make sure that people are OK. I hope we can all have better awareness when it comes to potential scoring plays and security and people that are in the end zone.”

The woman he hit needed medical attention.

But it could have been much worse if he did not brace himself for the collision.

“I was able to see her and just kinda put my arm out, because the other option would’ve been to put my helmet and shoulder pads into her,” Stills said. “It could’ve been worse. I’m just happy that she’s OK and I came out of it OK, too.”

Stills was flustered and in pain after the collision, but tight end Mike Gesicki suggested he give her the ball. Stills did, and later thanked Gesicki for the suggestion.

Stills did not miss a snap due to the collision. He did, however, leave the game late with a groin injury, which kept him out of the Dolphins’ Week 8 loss to the Texans.

Stills has not practiced this week, but there’s a chance he plays Sunday against the Jets.

“We’ll see how I feel on Sunday and make a decision then,” Stills said. “You don’t want to rush and come back too early because you know you risk making it worse. You’ve gotta be smart about it. We’re taking it slow.”

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