Quinn called his season ‘average.’ Fact check: He’s really one of NFL’s worst values

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Here’s the list of 4-3 defensive ends paid more than Robert Quinn in 2018, followed by their sack total for this year:

The financial figures include both salary and bonuses paid out this season.

Carlos Dunlap ($19.5 million), 5.

Calais Campbell ($18 million), 4.

Ezekiel Ansah ($17.1 million), 1.

Danielle Hunter ($16.9 million), 8.

Demarcus Lawrence ($17.1 million), 5.5.

Chandler Jones ($12.5 million), 6.5.

Jason Pierre-Paul ($12.5 million), 6.

That’s it — the entire list.

Quinn is earning $10.3 million in base salary after claiming a $1.1 million roster bonus back in March. That adds up to $11.4 million, which is also his total cost against the Dolphins’ cap this year.

Players on his side of the eight-figure club get there for a reason. They are elite, dependable pass rushers.

Double-digit sack seasons are not the exception, not the rule.

And other than Quinn, the only one not trending toward yet another one is Ansah, who has not played since the opener due to a shoulder injury.

And yet, Ansah has as many sacks as Quinn, who has appeared in all eight Dolphins games this year.

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That means Quinn is not only the league’s worst value at his position, he’s one of the NFL’s worst values — period.

Quinn had another ineffectual game in Houston Thursday. He had one tackle (but not for loss), no sacks, no quarterback hits, no forced fumbles, no fumble recoveries, no pass breakups, no interceptions. He produced that stat line on just 31 plays from scrimmage, which was second-fewest of his position group.

Quinn got only two more defensive snaps than Jonathan Woodard, who was on the practice squad five weeks ago.

Quinn earned $608,000 Thursday night. Woodard made less than $27,000.

Again, terrible value for Miami.

On the season, Quinn has not forced a turnover. He has 13 solo tackles, and four tackles for loss. He has hit the quarterback six times in 332 snaps.

It’s not good enough. Everyone knows that, Quinn included.

“Average. To my standards, I think I’ve played average,” he said in the NRG Stadium visiting locker room very early Friday morning. “I’m playing average. I always try to tell myself – I’ve got to do more, I’ve got to do more. I look in the mirror every day. My season hasn’t been what I want it to be, so yes, I’m frustrated. But I’m trying to do whatever I can to help this team win.”

Quinn’s career is at a crossroads.

We explained on Tuesday how Quinn has not been the same player since his 2015 back surgery. He averaged a sack every 1.4 game before his injury but just one every 2.4 since. He has merely one sack in his last 10 games, dating back to 2017.

Quinn is due nearly $13 million in salary and bonuses in 2019, and there is no way the Dolphins (or anyone else) will pay that, unless he turns back the clock the rest of the season.

Quinn probably needs at least five sacks over the last eight games to remain with the team going forward. That’s not impossible; he had six in a four-game stretch just last year.

The Dolphins certainly need that kind of renaissance. They are 29th in sacks with 11, could finish the weekend dead last.

“We’ve got to stop the run,” Quinn said, when asked what the issue has been getting to opposing quarterbacks. “[Teams] can pick up four, five yards, basically when they want to. That gets a little frustrating. Now we’re playing the teeter-totter game, whether they’re going to run or pass.

He continued: “At the end of the day, I don’t know. We’re making some good plays, we’re getting some pressures, the back end is covering their tails off, but at the end of the day, they just had a day. Watson got out of the pocket, receivers got open, running backs had over 150 yards if I’m not mistaken. That just lets you know how we played as a defense – not good at all.”

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