The Daily Show’s Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library Lands in Miami

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Yearning for the chance to step into the figurative shoes of President Trump? The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is bringing a replica of the Oval Office to Miami. Here’s your shot at taking a seat on a golden toilet, as a timer gives you 30 seconds to type out a crisis-related presidential tweet. 

Adeptly named “The Commander In-Tweet,” this exhibition joins a slew of others in The Donald J. Trump Presidential Library, showcasing Trump’s prolific, often outlandish relationship with Twitter. Hosted by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the award-winning Library is headed to Miami. If past debuts in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago are any indication, it promises to be Trump-worthy fun.

Trevor Noah and the Daily Show team are preparing to hit the road ahead of the library’s momentous Florida reveal accompanying a week of show tapings. Daily Show executive producer Jen Flanz told New Times that Florida was a natural choice for the library and shows that are purposefully timed with this year’s midterms: “You guys have a lot of the issues that I think voters are going to be very concerned about this election.” Fellow exec producer Steve Bodow added to this point: “Big high-profile races,” he said, explaining the show’s decision to bring the library and team to Miami. “Governor, Senate, interesting ballot initiatives, a lot of personalities down there.”

Come October 26th through 28th, attendees are invited to the interactive, hands-on event showcasing a meticulously crafted memorial library made up of Trump’s tweets. Old and new, deleted and still standing tall, it’s a collection made up of some of the sitting U.S. President’s finest moments on the social media platform he’s been known to favor. Bodow says the idea came from the team a few years ago while they looked at all the prior U.S. presidents’ libraries. “[Trump’s] not so much of a books or library kind of guy, so what would his library be like?” they wondered. Faced with this unorthodox conundrum, they brainstormed a way to make an American custom fitting for Trump. “Well, the way he generally represents himself is his Twitter. So the Trump Presidential Library should be a Twitter library, and that’s what we turned it into.”

A prolific tweeter, the current U.S. President's puzzling history on Twitter makes him one of a kind.EXPAND

A prolific tweeter, the current U.S. President’s puzzling history on Twitter makes him one of a kind.

Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Aside from getting the priceless opportunity to perch on a pseudo-golden toilet and frantically type out a crisis-related message to the world (covfefe, anyone?), exhibits in the Presidential Twitter Library poke fun at the president’s tendency to contradict himself (Trump Vs. Trump). A collection of everything and everyone he has deemed “sad” — “Sad! A Retrospective” — is another highlighted component.

That’s not all. “Verified Survivors” is one exhibit where patrons can walk through and hear the testimonies from the president’s higher-profile victims as they recall the trauma of being attacked by Trump. “11 Minutes” recalls, with the stories of those who were there, what the world looked like for those 11 minutes in 2017 when Trump disappeared from Twitter. “Masterworks” pinpoints all of the president’s most impressive works as a “master tweeter.” The list of satirical exhibitions in the Presidential Twitter Library goes on.

“People see it as they choose to — kind of, what you want to make it. Some people laugh, some people are overwhelmed with sadness, some people think it’s cathartic, other people think it’s disrespectful. I’ve heard a lot of different musings,” Flanz says. Bodow adds, “The commentary that we provide, it’s not made up. It’s all verbatim words that [Trump] put out into the world.”

Exhibit "Verified Survivors" features audio testimony from Mark Cuban, Kathy Griffin, and Stephen King among others who have been on the receiving end of a Trump Twitter attack.EXPAND

Exhibit “Verified Survivors” features audio testimony from Mark Cuban, Kathy Griffin, and Stephen King among others who have been on the receiving end of a Trump Twitter attack.

Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Miami Beach’s Trump Library will be a slightly different version than has appeared in other cities. “The President, he keeps putting out more masterpieces, you know, so we do update it,” explains Bodow. “It’s a little different each place we take it. There’s just fresh crazy there that we feel needs to be exhibited in this way.”

The gang at The Daily Show are sticking around after the library display closes for a week of Florida-themed shows filmed at the Fillmore Miami Beach. “It’s not just going to be a regular show. We’re going to be out in Miami and talking about Florida every night. Correspondents are out throughout the state making pieces, talking about the issues there.” Bodow urges viewers to tune in. “It’s going to be really Florida specific.”

But has The Daily Show gotten a response from the muse at the heart of their Twitter Library? Flanz and Bodow assert that they haven’t received word – or tweet – from the president himself, but one of the Trump clan was spotted hovering by their NYC exhibit. “In New York, there was a rumor, a confirmed rumor,” Bodow shares, “that Eric [Trump] walked by once, looked at it — and did not come in.”

The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library. 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, October 26, and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, October 27, and Sunday, October 28, at the Emanuel Luxury Venue, 1723 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Admission is free.

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